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04.12.2015 Fr. 22:00
Ruhrpott Metal Meeting

11.12.2015 Fr.
Christmas Bash 2015

19.12.2015 Sa.
Luekaz (Onkel Tom)

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The government approved the visa petition for SODOM, but then failed to send the required documents that would have allowed the band to actually get their visas despite repeated attempts by the MDF and the band to get those documents. The parties have been unable to get any answer from the government as to why the documents were never received by MDF or the band. The band is incredibly frustrated by this and so are we. We take a lot of pride in doing everything in our power to get foreign bands to the states , but it's really hard for us to swallow when the incompetence of the U.S. government messes something up.

Listen up, everybody! Mister Tom Angelripper has important things to say on the subject of the brand-new Sodom EP Sacred Warpath, on the state of the world and on life in general. He's really vented his feelings: "Since we've been getting the impression that the world is falling apart at the seams, we've decided to make our voices head ... while there's still time. 'Sacred Warpath' was originally written for our upcoming album, but we feel it's a good idea to release it now as an appetiser for future Sodom tracks. Because it's going to get raw, brutal and will be a reflection of all the things that we're afraid of and that give us nightmares. Pretty much like that hate-filled world we live in. And it's probably more authentic than any of our releases so far."

Tom Angelripper on the bonus material of Sodom's new EP: "The record includes three representative titles which we recorded in Germany this year, and it's guaranteed to become a rare collectors' item. The cover will feature a re-paint of an old design from the 80s which I did for a demo cover, painted in oil by Christian Ermel. This may all sound a little old-school, but that's intentional. That's what we've always been and always will be about. We very much hope to tie over the waiting time until the arrival of our new album. And now listen to my unmistakable demand on this world: turn back on your sacred warpath and find the path of peace before it's too late. Our music will help you!"

"Sacred Warpath" will be released worldwide through SPV / Steamhammer on November 28th in Germany, December 01st in Europe and late January 2015 in the USA as CD, 10" clear vinyl (limited to 1.000 copies) and download.

Tracklisting "Sacred Warpath":


1. Sacred Warpath
2. The Saw Is The Law (live)
3. City Of God (live)
4. Stigmatized (live)

10" clear Vinyl:

Side 1:
1. Sacred Warpath
Side 2
1. The Saw Is The Law (live)
2. City Of God (live)
3. Stigmatized (live)

SODOM Live Dates 2014/2015

31.10. BY-Minsk - Re-Public

01.11. RUS-Moscow - Klub Volta

03.11. RUS-Krasnojarsk - Klub Podium

04.11. RUS-Nowosibirsk - Klub Rock City

06.11. RUS-Ekatrinenburg - Klub Teleclub

07.11. RUS-Krasnadora - Arena Hall

08.11. RUS-St. Petersburg - Klub Zal Ozhidaniya

on tour with KREATOR and ARCH ENEMY

04.12. NL-Tilburg - 013

05.12. D-Ludwigsburg - MHP Arena

06.12. D-Oberhausen - Turbinenhalle

07.12. D-Saarbrücken - Garage

08.12. D-Hamburg - Docks

09.12. D-Berlin - Huxleys

10.12. A-Vienna - Gasometer

11.12. D-Wiesbaden - Schlachthof

12.12. D-Geiselwind - Eventhall

13.12. D-Munich - Tonhalle

14.12. CH-Pratteln - Z7

20.12. SE-Norrkoeping - Black Christmas Metal Festival

20.02. UK-London - Underworld

21.02. IRL-Dublin - Voodoo Lounge

23.05. US-Baltimore - Maryland Deathfest

SODOM - Line-Up:

Photo - from left to right:
Markus "Makka" Freiwald - drums, Tom Angelripper - bass, vocals, Bernemann - guitar
Photo taken by Julia Scheibeck (
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